by Gentille from the Democratic Republic of Congo

For about four months I’ve been thinking about this worldmap – many questions have arisen in my head since I saw the drawing of my friend Hannah from India. I saw the worldmap, and I wondered how I felt about the world. And why I think like that about the world, and not different.
I developed these questions and shared them with international volunteers. And today I share these questions with you and ask you if you agree with me that this drawing by my friend Hannah offers a new perspective on the world? I appreciate your answers in the comments.

Question 1:
Where do you live? Where is your home?

Question 2:
What do you think when you see the worldmap?
Why is this wrong? Why is this right?

Question 3:
If you see this worldmap, where would you like to live? Up or down?

Question 4:
Can you imagine a world without national borders? What do you think when you imagine a world without borders?

Question 5:
What dream do you have of the world? What changes do you want to see in the world?