by Georges from DR Congo

This period of lockdown is hard to bear,but we have no choice.

Before covid-19,we went for a walk,we planned the day well, because everything planned came true and at the end of the week, on sunday, we went to church to pray to God and proclaim his worders.

During this time of covid-19, all activities are blocked, even the churches and schools are closed.
During this period, with us: no walks so no outings as before.
We go out only when we need to go to the market to have a food stock.

For me what I really miss now is the sport of football, because I love it and I practice it a lot, so it’s my pleasure. However everything is suspended for moment.

The covid-19 also upset our volunteer program for this year 2020. But to this fact, I would say that man proposes and God disposes. Maybe God did not want this program to be carried out this year. That is why we must always remain faithful to him and we will be protected and the pandemic will be a thing of the past.

May the souls of those who are dying from this pandemic, rest in peace and in Christ.