by Carol from India,

As soon as I heard about the value balls, I was like what? What are value balls? “Value balls” is a game which is inspired by a very renounced Italian game called as Boccia.

Boccia is the Italian word for the boules game. In this game, the small ball needs to be aimed and hit by the big balls. I find Boccia as the cute version of Bowling the only difference is that, only one small is aimed and hit by the big balls.


“Value balls” game came into existence in order to discuss about the essential topics such as dignity, faith, respect, commitment, fairness and joy.  There are 6 big balls and 1 small ball, each ball is named separately. This game is usually played in the church groups of young people, in order to spread awareness about these important topics.

Personally, I think that this game is trying to teach and remind us the importance of values. Knowing our values helps us in achieving the clarity in our lives. All our actions and our decisions are affected by our values. Our values define us and hence values are the most important part in human’s life.

Coming back to the value balls, I haven’t played this game yet but for sure I will try it out. Dirk introduced the “value balls” to me and gave them to me and said that I need to figure out more possible ways to play this game and Frauke she explained me this game and told me that “value balls” is derived from the game called as “Boccia”.

Almost every day I see these balls on my table, I always see the words (dignity, joy, faith, respect, commitment, fairness). There are 6 words in total and I wanted to implement them in my life. So, what I do every day is that I try following one value each day (Monday = dignity, Tuesday = joy, Wednesday = faith, Thursday = respect, Friday = commitment, Saturday = fairness).

I won’t say that it’s very easy to implement and follow these values everyday but what I can tell you is that, implementing these values in my daily life is making me a better person day by day. You can also give it a try and then can let us know what do you think about it?