On the Saturday of 3rd of August 2019 I was very anxious. It would be my first day to watch a live football match in the Borussia Dortmund home stadium. It was a DFL-Supercup match between Borussia Dortmund (BVB) and Bayern Munich. The DFL-Supercup, or German Super Cup is a one-off football match in Germany that features the winners of the Bundesliga championship and the DFB-Pokal.

I had to leave early in the morning for Stadt-Insel Lünen where the whole week I had been involved in preparations of the Children Music performance for the Sunday service. I left Lünen a little bit earlier that day. I had to meet Herr Günter Röder before the football match and I paid a visit to his nice home in Syburg.I could also see the house of Marco Reus(Borussia Dortmund team forward and Captain) in the proximity on the way.

We had to rush for the match a little time earlier. The Signal Iduna stadium (Westfalen Stadium) was full of life and enthusiasm. We got our space in the Südtribüne (South Bank), which is the largest terrace for standing spectators (largest free-standing grandstand) in European football with the capacity of about 25,000 people at a time. The South terrace has been nicknamed the Die Gelbe Wand, meaning „The Yellow Wall“. It is 328ft long and 131ft high. The yellow wall is probably consisting of the most high-spirited cluster of fans in Europe. I enjoyed the spirit of the fans in the Standing South tribune; which is always occupied by the home team supporters. The will always sing and joke about their opponents. They never cease to keep up the high spirit for the football players on the playing ground. They never get tired, they are always energetic. It is said that, many opposing players are afraid of these people and their tremendous noise. I found it as the best place of the stadium. Günter told me that, Die Gelbe Wand has been his place all the years he has been a fan of BVB. This is where the voice of the famous “You will never walk alone” song comes from.

And so I joined the madness, singing and shouting whatever I could. The day was summed up with a sweet victory of 2 goals from Palco Alcacer and Jadon Sancho against 0 from Bayern Munich team. In my yellow BVB T-shirt, I felt the pride and spirit of victory that was still overwhelming the stadium and mostly; the Yellow wall.

On the other side of the standing tribune, there was My mentor Chris together with Dika (my fellow volunteer from Indonesia whom we live together in the volunteershouse) and his mentor Benny. We couldn’t catch up in the stadium but we all enjoyed the day, celebrated the game and the eventual victory while standing together building the strong Yellow Wall.