by Hannah from India.

It’s almost 10 months since I arrived in Germany, I have made a million memories, been a part
of great experiences and met amazing people and I have realized that most of these wonderful
people I get to meet only once in my lifetime. This emotion which I bear is both happy and sad, high and low at the same time.

Happy because I get to meet this amazing people hear different stories, experiences, cultures
from a variety of backgrounds. Sad, because I don’t know if I will have the possibility to meet
them again or not. Will my memory hold on to these inspiring people and their amazing stories
in the years ahead?

On further thought, I just think its all a part of the Volunteer year abroad that gives me such
experiences with strong held emotions and also in the mystery that the process of life holds,
such uncertainty yet such longing but so is life, Isnt it?

I believe, to meet new people and to hear their stories, itself is an experience on its own and to
every new person I will meet and bid Farewell. I just want to hold the last goodbye hug a moment
longer for it may or may not be the last moment we shared.