by Daniel from Zambia

“Himmel im Pott” is an event in which all departments of Kirchenkreis Dortmund come together with the idea of making fellow humans experience the feeling of HEAVEN. However, this piece of writing seeks to briefly stipulate what was experienced individually. The phrase “Himmel Im Pott“ is of German origin which means that “Heaven has everything a man can ever wish to have“. Quoting from what was presented on this day by one of the youths in Marienkirche as the service was going on: “To heaven, we are all going step by step“. Indeed, as we are going to heaven it is vital to induce an experience of heaven so that people may have an idea of where they are going.

As the day was proceeding, several activities were available to the public on different stands. However, this was done according to what the department specialized in or what they prepared for the public to experience on this special day. Amongst the departments present, there was Evangelical Youth Dortmund, this department was involved in activities such as games of making bubbles and the youngest ones were making towers of different shapes while others were popping some popcorns and also taking free hard copy pictures just next to the beautiful garden on the other side of St Reinold Church.

On the stand of the Referat Ökumene department, the activities available to the people was painting using natural colors extracted from plants.

Another department by the name of „Referat Gesellschaftliche Verantwortung“ (social responsibility) had different recipes for fruits drinks that were made available to the people. The drink was made by using a smoothie bike. A smoothie bike is a modified bicycle on which a blender is fixed and a motor is attached to it so that when someone is riding the bike the motor rolls making a blender crush the fruits until its smooth enough to be taken as a drink (smoothie drink).

Continually, the „Diakonische Werk Dortmund“ was also present, as usual, this organization is concerned about the well-being of people around the Dortmund community. On its banner, the concern was “ How many young people have accommodation under the age of 25 years“. Like always the concern is about making the world a better place by seeing to it that certain social problems are written down and that a solution can be given.

However, many departments of Kirchenkreis Dortmund were present and they contributed to the great experiences that made this day so special and memorable. Each person who had the chance to be present on this day will have something in mind to say about two or three activities that made the event so lively and enjoyable.