by Louis from Indonesia

Louis Purba from Indonesia plans to do a voluntary service at the Kontakstelle Evangelische Jugend in the church district of Dortmund. Entry to Germany has already had to be postponed several times – this is the case in times of a global pandemic. The original entry was in April 2020, then in May, then June, then July, then postponed to January 20201, and now April 2021 is targeted. In the meantime, however, Louis has regular contact with the contact point (as the name suggests). Here she reports on a joint video phone call:

„On September 28, 2020, I had a very nice conversation with Lisa, Jenny and Melina. We talked about zoom.  I was a bit nervous because this was my first time meeting Jenny and Melina in person. Over time, however, I felt more comfortable because Jenny and Melina are so friendly. Jenny and Melina will be my colleagues in Dortmund, and they showed me the office of the Evangelical Youth Dortmund and also showed me the space in which I will work next year. It was really exciting. I saw a big window near my desk, it made me impatient to go there. I could feel the positive energy around the office.Jenny explained my job to me there. Before Jenny said that, I already had a fantasy about my role of Jana and Josephat, with whom I had spoken before. Jenny made it even clearer to me. Melina recounted her time there. Melina is also a volunteer, and seeing her great time there has confirmed to me that I will feel the same way. Melina said she likes to make salad. I got really excited because during the coronavirus pandemic I like to try something new and making salad is one of those new things. I have a recipe book: „Salads. The best recipes“ that I use as a guide. It’s on German. I also learn how to make salad, I also learn German. I would like to know more about Melina.

It was a great get-to-know-you of the Evangelical Youth Dortmund. I really had a good time talking to Lisa, Jenny and Melina and at that time I was really looking forward to January 2021.  But on October 14, Lisa said it was not realistic to allow volunteers to arrive at the end of January, based on the increasing number of Covid-19 cases and also because embassies are not currently issuing visas to volunteers.

I am so sad to hear this, but I am also trying to reassure myself that this is the best decision and everything will be fine.“