by Carol from India,

I think that I have recently started bonding more with Jenny as compared to last few months. In the beginning I was always shy around her but I really wanted to bond with her but unfortunately our timings never matched. But recently because of coincidently going together for work and coming back together, going to post office, going to events such as fair friends , sailing, etc we started talking and hanging out more due to which I got the chance to get to know her personally.

I used to always admire Jenny and her brilliant talents such as cooking, baking, stitching, etc. I always wanted to learn things from her and when I got time I did as well especially German language. I am really grateful that I got an opportunity to stay with Jenny for 6 months. Because of Jenny I overcame the fear of speaking in German. She always insisted and motivated me in speaking German. She helped me out in getting out of my comfort zone and she always insisted me in speaking German with her and people around me, she always corrected me when I said something wrong and due to which I gained a lot of confidence in speaking German.

I think Jenny and I, we both have become good friends now. So recently I wanted to upcycle my old clothes and wanted to turn them into new ones. I had a long pant and jumpsuit which I never used and hence I decided to turn them into something really cool and hence I asked Jenny whether she can help me out as she is already an expert in stitching. She offered me to help and so one evening we sat together in the living room of volunteers house and stitched. I never thought that stitching can be so much fun. So after few lessons and practice I successfully was able to recreate my pants of course under the guidance of Jenny the great.

I was really proud of myself and I was really grateful to Jenny. I never thought that I would learn stitching in Germany. As I may have mentioned this statement several time but I still think that Germany and this volunteering year never fail to surprise me. So this is how I learned stitching. Is there anything which u learned from someone???