by Derio from Indonesia

On a sunny day, a lot of people gathered in the city of Dortmund for a unique event: DORTBUNT. We volunteers together with others from the protestant church of Dortmund introduced the smoothie bike to the public. This innovative event aimed to promote sustainability and healthy living by utilizing leftover fruits to create delicious smoothies.

The star attraction was the smoothie bike, a stationary bicycle equipped with a blender powered by pedaling. Participants were invited to hop on the bike, select from an array of rescued fruits, and blend their own smoothies through their pedaling efforts. From overripe bananas to slightly bruised apples, the fruit used would have otherwise gone to waste, making this not only a fun activity but also an impactful one.

The event was more than just about making smoothies; it was a celebration of community spirit and environmental consciousness. Families, friends, and neighbours gathered to pedal, blend, and enjoy their refreshing creations together. Children laughed and cheered as they took turns pedaling, their faces lighting up with excitement as their smoothies came to life.

The Smoothie Bike Event was a resounding success, highlighting the importance of reducing food waste and promoting healthier lifestyles. It brought the community together, showcasing that small, fun activities can make a big difference for the environment and our well-being. The event demonstrated that with a bit of creativity and community effort, we can turn potential waste into something enjoyable and beneficial for everyone.