By Carol from India,

Restaurants and Shops are reopening, Students start going to schools again, parks are filling as the sunrises start appearing. People are going back to everyday life and are meeting for BBQS and sports. But is this leading to carelessness considering the still existing danger through the pandemic or is the even return to the everyday life essential for fighting the fear against the pandemic.

Since few weeks restaurants and shops reopened after the harsh lockdown due the Corona pandemic. The opening is only possible under special requirements and is controlled very strict. Still you are only allowed with only people from one other household. This tends to give people again control over their own life and people feel less limited in their personal life. Meeting friends and family again also in the public give a good feeling and more value to life. You feel more balanced and the happiness is increasing. Going to the lake and spend some quality time or having BBQ with friends or family members you haven’t seen for a long time and enjoying the weather lead to a overall positive mood in the society. It makes people forget about the pandemic at least for a while which have been the only topic in all headlines. There is more to life than this pandemic which has accompanied us for the last couple months. It shows that there is in fact a life after the pandemic and even a good life. This is not the end of the world.

Nevertheless, the danger and risks of the Corona Virus haven’t disappeared. It’s good to gain some life quality again but the still existing risks shouldn’t be neglected. The still existing danger have been disclosed in some recent new outbreaks. So, occurred for example two new outbreaks in a refugee home or in a restaurant in a small town in east Germany. This shows how easily the virus can spread again if it is handled too careless.

Still the overall situation shows a positive trend. People are moving more freely and living the new freedom but are still following the social distancing rules and are acting overall very responsibly and careful. The people appreciate that the government give them the freedom and is trusting that the citizen will act responsibly.

So, the relaxation of the shutdown has indeed some risks and dangers but overall it turned the mood very positively and the people seem to respect the social distancing rules and are still taking the pandemic serious but don’t fear it. And in these hard times there should be more hope and not fear.