by Helen from India

Woo-hoo!! It’s been a month already in Dortmund. I strongly believe that God’s grace has carried me this far.

My name is Helen Henry Moses from India (Tamil Nadu). I have turned 26 years old on 24th November, 2022. I have done my Master’s studies in Social work (Master of Social work in the Specialisation of Medical and Psychiatric settings). I’m a person who loves to learn new things, also interested in singing, writing, listening to music, and cooking and I wish to explore more.
About my Voluntary service in Deutschland – I would like to start writing about it from the day of my arrival – I have landed in Deutschland (Düsseldorf) on 9th December 2022, after 8 hours of journey from India. I had a warm welcome from the Team (Carolin, Jenny, Frida, Daniel and Lilli) which was so heart-warming. Yes, this is my first ever journey to stay away from my family and friends for a longer period. To add on, this is my first ever journey to travel out of My Country (India) too. It is going to be wonderful time in Deutschland, particularly in Dortmund.

I feel so excited to work with the Team – Evangelische Jugend Dortmund at Kontakstelle. It’s going to be a great time, I believe. I am glad, people here in Referat Ökumene and Kontakstelle are so welcoming, friendly and kind.

To write about the place where I stay, it’s an international volunteer house at Voßkhule –  A Home away from My Home (IND) where I feel so peaceful and comfortable. As of now, I’m with other international volunteers – Frida, Daniel and Marc, and also Espérance who was a former volunteer. They are all so good and helpful in all ways. I’m worried that I will be missing them and also thrilled to welcome other international volunteers in another two months, Yes! It’s a mixed emotion.

I feel so blessed to know and spend time with my mentor, Claudia and her Family.

Indeed, I had a good time in this one month by visiting places (i.e. places in Dortmund, Frankfurt) since it was the Christmas and New-year seasons.

There’s is a lot to explore, experience and of course, to learn more. Looking forward with eagerness and confidence to gain great experience in this new continent, new country, new home, new culture, new weather – totally a new environment!

With so much gratitude,

Helen Henry Moses