by Carol Naidu from India,

Since I am in Germany as a south north volunteer, I have been asking myself a lot, what politics mean to me and how does it influence our daily life and for me, I have divided politics into two different aspects, Politics in negative and positive aspect.

Some people see politics in a negative way as a lust for money and power, which can make anyone blind and greedy. However, politics can also be seen in a positive way. Politics is a necessity, so that people can live in unity. Politics is about making agreements between people so that they can live together in groups in peace (such as in State, country, cities, etc.)

For me politics has a very deep meaning.

Politics is like a hope, hope for the people who are really in need and have no other option, hope for the common people who cannot afford their daily bread, hope for the people who are hoping for a change, hope for survival, hope for a better life, a good live.

Politics is like a promise, promising people their basic rights and good quality of life in order to live a better life. Promise of safety (especially for women) life, promise of provision of good quality of education, promise of providing basic needs, promise of a peaceful and safe life so that they do not need to leave their country because of fear, promise of punishing bad people for all their wrong deeds and not letting them go for some amount of money.

Politics influences our everyday life and we do not even realize it. It affects the poor people the most. More than the positive result we get to see the negative result. The rich people are becoming richer and richer and poor people are becoming poorer and worst.

In short, Politics is more about humanity. People still have hope in politics. People still look up to it, even after all the corruption; they still want to believe in it. I feel so sad when I see people getting hurt because of their hopes and expectations.

I never asked these questions to myself, until now when I have started realizing that it is one of the most important fact and I am worried now and trying to find solutions. I truly believe that if we all do something, together we all can change the world and make it a better place to live.

  • What is politics for you?
  • How does politics influence your everyday life?
  • What solutions do you have?

Feel free to send me your idea about politics in the comments.