By Carol from India,

Well I got inspired to write this blog while I was driving to work in the morning in the tram from volunteer’s house.

Often, I like to write my blogs during travelling. As that is the only time when I notice people very carefully as I do not use internet or my phone while travelling in the tram. During this time, my brain is over loaded with plenty of thoughts and ideas. So, one day on my way to work in the morning, I saw a very beautiful painting on the wall of the kirche (church) or kindergarten in Asseln.

The painting was about Noah’s ark. The church was like a boat and there was a rope which was pulling the boat “metaphorical speaking” which was the church. On the wall of the church there was some images of different animals which was a on a boat.

I started interpretation the image and was trying to understand that what message is this church trying to give and what can I learn from it?


After contemplating for some time, I tried to connect and related the painting with the world and the people living in it. I replaced the animals with the people and boat with the world. If we see in our real lives, we all are like the animals on the boat, whereas our boat is the World and our God is Noah.

Well if we see in the Bible Noah didn’t take only one kind of animals on the boat but he took all kind of animals on the boat. Whether it was ants, mouse, lions and tigers, etc. Each one of it has its own importance and value and somehow, we tend to forget that we did not give life to people. Why do we then differentiate and categorise people? We did not choose our colour, our race, our gender, etc. It was God who choose us and gave us life, then who are we to question and judge people on the bases of their colour, race, gender, etc.


What I mean to say is that everyone on this planet earth is precious and has its own value and instead of pushing each other down, we all should lift each other up and appreciate each other’s existence. We all should learn how to accept people no matter where they come from, what colour they are, what do they speak, etc.


“It is never too late to learn and change ourselves. It is better to do something later than to do it never”.