By Carol from India,

Hello everyone, I would like to share something with you all today. I would like to share how did I contributed online, towards empowering others during this COVID 19 situation and I would like to share with you all a very small suggestion, on how you all can contribute and participate and support each other in small ways. For sure in some places everything feels back normal and places/shops/restaurants have started to reopen but honestly, we still hear the news and we all still subconsciously think that how that corona is still present and is still dangerous. Its like a battle with we all have to fight with our self (mind). I myself am trying to find small hopes which motivates me each day.

Well I did not do something really big but even a little contribution is counted as a lot, as we all know that even small things matter. Okay so my first contribution was: –


  1. First contribution was that I started by recording a small prayer video of myself in Hindi for all the mothers all over the world for Lydia international church, which was later showed in the online service of Lydia. Yes, I was very nervous in the beginning and I was afraid to participate but then Carolin encouraged me and I thought what worst can really happen? But then I tried and made a successful video.


  1. My second contribution was that I read a bible verse and recorded a video and sent it to Carolin.


  1. My Third contribution was that I participated in Ecumenical Hangout and organized it together with tom and Meenuka, which I have mentioned in my previous blog called as COVID19 and the effects of it on gender. If you don’t know about this please feel free to check out my previous blog and do let me know, how you feel about it?


  1. My fourth contribution was that I made a song video of myself, singing in (ENGLISH/ HINDI/ZULU). I was singing “we are marching in the light of the God.’’ Many people from different countries sang this song as well in their own languages along with English and Zulu. I would definitely write a blog about this as I feel that it was a very cool experience and I would like to talk and share more about it in my next blog.


Yes, it’s not a big deal and for sure everyone can do this easy task but for me it was a big deal. The happiness which I received after participated was worth it. I am looking forward now to participate in more and different ways as possible and so can you all. I am very grateful towards these small opportunities which was provided to me by the very best and kind boss, Carolin.

I would also like to share a small incident which I came across in these last past few days. I went to meet Gentle on Monday, as I was returning back to home, I was waiting for my underground at Reinoldikirche, I had to wait for 10 minutes, so I went and sat down. After sometime a very old man came to sit in that bench as well, so he asked me to move aside so that we would have distance. After some time, he gave me a small book and said that I can keep it and I said thank you and I continued waiting for my underground. I felt very overwhelmed so I thought of asking him, how is he? And how was his day? He didn’t speak English so I spoke to him in German. He asked me where I was from? And I replied that I am from India. Suddenly he became very happy and he started telling me that he has been to India, in Mumbai and in Goa. He started talking to me but unfortunately, I had to leave as my underground arrived and he said bye to me with a sad face. As I was in my underground I thought about my grandfather whom I never met as he is no more and I thought that maybe I should go back to him and talk to him, hoping that he will feel good as he is also like my grandfather not by blood but as a person. So, after three stations, I went back to Reinoldikirche but unfortunately, he left, I was sad but I was content in my heart thinking that at least I tried my best and was happy that at least I won’t regret it later.

What I am actually trying to tell you all is that, contribution can be as small as this as well. Efforts, kindness, friendliness, spreading joy and love and what not to other whom we don’t know, especially old people, as this time is very hard for them as well. I hope you all have a very blessed day and I hope you get inspired by this article, thankyou for reading it and please do let me know what do you think about this article.