By Carol from India,

Did you know that someone’s kind words and kind but small gestures can actually leave a deep impact on your life? Well, I would like to share a small and personal story with you all. There was a very good man, let’s call him Mr. X. He was 63-year-old.

Mr. X was very kind and he was blessed with words, pure and good heart. Even Mr. X didn’t know that he was blessed with a gift and his words had power, power to leave an impact.

Mr. X loved teaching, he taught in a school, he wasn’t retired but he was wondering how would his life look at the age of 75, he wanted to do something challenging, different and meaningful in his life, so he started teaching German language to students from Different countries. He never got bored of teaching, even though teaching German language can be very challenging and it can make you impatient. But for me Mr. X was very unique, he had a very different style and way of teaching. He always saw things in a very positive but different way. Instead of getting impatient and disappointed while teaching, he always thought that, what can he learn from different people from different countries, while teaching German language? Even though it did not make sense to people but it made sense to him.

He was a very inspiring person. He often started his class by sharing an inspiring and positive verse from Bible. Yes, he was a Christian and he loved Jesus very much but he never imposed Bible or Christianity on anyone. All he ever wanted was to motivate his student by sharing stories and verses from Bible. Mr. X wasn’t aware that what he did actually changed one of his student’s life. Somehow his words gave power to one of his students. Power to be strong and to be able to live her life in Germany without fear. She was from a different country, when she came to Germany, she barely spoke or understood any German words. She was insecure, scared, unconfident, and unsure about her German Skills. Mr. X motivated her always, like a good friend and inspired her when she almost gave up on learning the German language. Mr. X not only gave her German lessons but unknowingly he gave her life lessons which will be with her for the rest of her life.

Ahhh! I know you are wondering who is Mr. X and his student, let me tell disclose the suspense with you all.

Mr. X is Teacher Tom and I am his student. Teacher Tom is a blessing to me. During my childhood, I was always told that in schools teachers not only teach you but they prepare you for your life, they also teach you life lessons. In my entire childhood, I never had a teacher, who changed my life with his/her words, until now. When Hannah, Rachel, Dika, Josephat and Carolin told me about Teacher Tom, I was wondering, who is this person? Why are they talking about him? What is so special about him? I still remember I was eagerly waiting to meet him in the beginning and when I met him, I realized there is nothing in specific special about him. For me he is entirely special.

Thank you Teacher Tom for teaching me not only German but also life’s lesson. Thank you for motivating me when I almost gave up and lost hope. I am truly blessed to have you as my teacher. God bless you!