by Hannah from India.

1. Pommes and Wurst.

It is true that meat and potatoes are essential food in Germany, but just like every other country Germany has its vast tradition of delicious dishes they do not eat just potatoes and meat. Almost every city offers various of international cuisines like Italian, Asian, American and more. There are doners , crepes and a lot of vegetarian food options throughout.

2. Germans are antisocial.

This is one of the major stereotypes about Germans, the truth is that Germans are human and possess human characteristics just like the rest of the world. Germans are very honest, open and straight forward thus making friendship and communication very easier.

3. Punctual. Punctual! Punctual?

Most of the Germans are punctual and organised but there are an equal number of chaos lovers and free spirits who go with a flow, like the German Bahn’s some are on time and some just aren’t.

4. All Germans speak English.

The majority of the population and the younger generation speak English but not all of them do, although sometimes they prefer to speak in their own language, Germans are always flexible and will try to help you out when you are in trouble.

5. Do not talk about the Holocaust to the Germans.

To point fingers and accusations are a no go! However, one can always discuss about the Holocaust to German friends or colleagues in a friendly way without being rude. They always give their honest opinions and continue in discussions.

6. There are no speed limits in Germany.

This is partially true and partially not, 60 percent of the Autobahns don’t have speed limits but the 40 percent of the roadways do have a very strict speed limit policy.

7. Germans drink only beer.

It is true that Germany is the 3 rd biggest beer consumers and take their quality of beer very seriously. But there are also a majority of alcohols available in the market and a variety of people who enjoy all types of alcohols. Germany also has a larger number of Vineyards and produces delicious wines.