by Carol from India

Last year in December, a few days before we started to have the holiday season it was time to fire up the stove and bake cookies.

Cooking baking is one of the most important and exciting tradition of Christmas. Do you know what is so special about this tradition? Just taste it and you will get to know.People living in the international volunteer’s house also have their own traditions, just like every other family. Volunteers house is a place where different types of traditions comes together to form one new international tradition. Our Christmas cookie was not only very special but also very international. It consisted of various kinds of flavors (Indian, African, Chinese and Indonesian). Just like people in the church comes together to form one body of Christ, our cookie was also similar.

On 18/12/19, we had our cookie baking session at volunteer’s house. Cookie baking is so much fun and exciting. No matter how much we love making it, we love eating them more. And the most amazing part is to eat them hot. After our wonderful cookie baking session Dirk cooked some surprise German dinner for all of us and trust me it was extremely delicious. Volunteers in this house are blessed because they have wonderful people around them, who really care for them.

Christmas cookie and happy hearts, this is how the holidays starts.