by Louis from Indonesia

It makes me always sad when talking about leaving. I am not sad of leaving the place because I know that the place will always there and it is possible to come back. I am more sad of leaving the people that I am not sure if I still can meet them or not.

In mid-February, Volunteershouse had a new member, Marco from Argentina. Marco’s arrival added joy at the Volunteershouse. We are happy to show him part of NRW and Dortmund. It didn’t take us long to get close to Marco, it’s just so sad we didn’t have much time with him. But we always tried to make a good time when we are together. At the Volunteershouse everything went well, it’s just that I feel that everyone is very busy with their own activities, considering this is the end of our service. Everyone is busy preparing for their return to their home country and also preparing for their future. Frauke, Carolin and Dirk were always there for us too. I am very, very grateful for that. We never have worries because we know that they will help us.

My work at Kontakstelle is amazing. A very supportive and understanding team makes me feel comfortable working there. I always had the  opportunity to say what in my mind and what I want, and the team always support me for whatever I want. I was given an opportunity to grow and develop through taking part in some seminars and event. I was given the opportunity also to explore many places in Germany and Europe. I got a lot of supports from the team, emotional support, esteem support and even tangible support.

The relationship with my mentor, Angela, is also very good. We meet consistently (once a week). It’s always a pleasure to meet her. In winter we always meet at Café “Bernstein, Dortmund” it is our favorite café, and I always like to order lemon ginger mint tea and Angela likes to order Cappuccino and cheesecake. I am so excited for what is coming next after my volunteer service, but I am also sad to leave Germany because I meet and know a lot of kind people here. But I’m glad and thankful that I have a chance got to know them and have lots of good memories with them.

Now my voluntary service is finished. In my voluntary service, I am happy enough to have some connections to people from the different backgrounds. I was helped a lot by people I just met in Germany. I am blessed to know them in my life. I got a lot of opportunity to make some projects with them. After almost 10 months in Germany, I got a lot of chances that connected to each other through this connections I have. I did my best in every single chance that I got, and I believe when I do it with my best, another good chance will come. But sometimes when I already do my best, people not always satisfied with my work, it makes me sometimes sad. Whenever I feel sad, first thing first I neutralize my feelings by listen to the music or watch cartoon. After that I remind myself to not too focus on that kind of thing. I also remind myself that life is a learning process; reminding myself that life is a learning process is also a learning process; sometimes it is easier when you just accepted what happened and willing to learn from it.

As I written in my motivation sheet when applying for a visa at the embassy, ​​‘As a volunteer, I will have the chance to grow personally in an informal learning process during my one-year voluntary service. I will establish cross-cultural competence by working alongside those with a different background and viewpoints. This program is irrefutably as a personal development experience.’ It is true that the South-North Volunteer program from UEM made me grow and develop into a stronger and more open-minded person.