By Louis from Indonesia

I like the sweater/scarf with the knitted motifs. But I never thought of learn to knit before. Because I think it is too complicated and need a lot of time to finish one piece of knitting. And I never imagine myself sit on the couch and knit because I am a type of person who easily gets bored and doesn’t feel like staying at home. But then the curiosity came when I saw Jenny knitted socks. I can saw from her face that she enjoys play with her needles. Seeing how fast she knitted, made me interested to learn. So I asked her if I could come to her apartment and learn how to knit. She said : “ yes, of course”


At the day I came to Jenny’s Apartment I was so excited. She has a lot of knitting kit. When she showed me step by step from the start, I thought it was easy. But when I started by my own, I realized that I knew nothing. It was so complicated. I can manage the yarns in my hand. It was so tangled and using the needle was so complicated. I did a lot of mistake at the first time. People really needs to focused when they want to learn knitting. In my experience when I got distracted, I directly forget what to do next. Because there are some steps to follow.


I could not concentrate what was Jenny talking about when we were knitting. But as time went by, I got used to it. We knitted and watched “Anne Frank” on Netflix at the same time. Anne Frank is a movie that requires a high concentration to understand. For the beginner like me watching Anne Frank while knitting is not a good idea. But for the pro like Jenny, it is ok. What I did was I did it alternately. Even though I didn’t watch the whole movie, at least I got the big line.


Back to knitting, after a little long I enjoyed it very much. I can’t stop knitting after that. I already know a little bit how to manage the yarn on my hand. Jenny gave me one skein of yarn and two needles to practice. I knit a lot in house. I got also some thick yarns from my college at work. Her name is Martina. Martina is so friendly and also likes knitting. She gave me a lot of thick yarns and two big needles. That kind of yarns and needles are used to make scarf. I am knitting a scarf and headband for winter. I do it every day and it gives me peace. Now I can knit during watching movie simultaneously.


Every beginning is sometimes difficult, but when you keep going, everything will get better.