by Yeremia Dika from Indonesia

The Kirchentag in Dortmund in 2019 is my first Kirchentag. This event is held every 2 years, which is a big church day celebration in Germany.  I feel lucky, because during my volunteering service this time coincided with the Kirchentag event.

On the first day of Kirchentag, which was July 19th 2019, me and other volunteers from UEM (United Evangelical Mission) gathered at Hauptschule Scharnhorst. Then after that we went to City Center to sing together and to promote VEM activity during the Kirchentag. Together we were singing songs from many languages in the middle of the city and were watched by many people.  There have been a lot of people who saw our actions being courageous, and then the people watching also join singing and dancing with us, truly amazing!  Suddenly the atmosphere has changed to become so friendly.  The city of Dortmund, has transformed 180 degrees, becoming a crowded and friendly place. Some corners of the city have turned into a stage and stand. Then a lot of people from everywhere, people sing together on the streets and also on the trains. Many people have used all-green attributes (this year’s Kirchentag theme uses colour dominant green).

During Kirchentag I was trusted to assist in the documentation process of the activities held by the UEM. Because I really like photography, I became passionate about doing this task. Travel to different places to take pictures where I have met and talked to other people.

I really enjoyed the times when the Kirchentag event took place, meeting new friends, talking and singing with strangers on the train.  For me, Kirchentag is not just an event, but in my perspective Kirchentag is also a moment, or maybe a little spiritual experience. That experience made me aware of prayer, it began when we watched a concert after the international Youth Service of UEM, namely when we visited the concert of the band the “Könige und Priester”. One of the songs, had the lyrics „Warum beten wir nicht?“ that have a meaning “why we didn’t pray?”.  At that time the song was really touching my feelings.  What a good song and good lyrics.  Somehow it’s like being a reminder for myself. Because lately I rarely pray, and even if I pray only as a routine, without intensive communication with God when praying no relationship is possible.

For me praying is one way to deal with every problem and difficult time in all phases of life.  When praying I can pour out all my heart to God, and give thanks. But I started to rarely pray and communicate with God.  Maybe through this Kirchentag moment, God tried to remind me to pray again and communicate with him. That is one of the memories in Kirchentag that is quite memorable for me, it’s like a self-reminder.  Sometimes, I just feel that God gives me a reminder with an unexpected moment, just like the song at the concert, one lyric that can touch my feelings and make me realized something. During the concert, the moment also feels very special, because we can sing and praise God together with many people, and off course with a good weather too. So perfect!