Hi everyone, here I am writing something again after a long time on this blog and I am happy about it.

I am Adelia Putri and I am 21 years old. I’m from Borneo in Indonesia.

I will write about my 1 year experience while I was waiting to come to Dortmund. So, for 1 year I survived with this condition (Covid-16 Condition). I took care of myself, while doing my final project to finishing my Bachelor degree. Last year, I have to complete my final project with enthusiastic, and then at the same time I studied Deutsch again with a teacher in my city. I just tried to stay productive during the #stayathome period. I am always prepare to myself.

I did not just focus on the final project and the course. In my spare time, I attend some seminars and trainings writing about “Woman and Environmental”. I am always interested on learning new things and then deepening them slowly. I want to be someone who can make an impact even if it is small. And I also prepare this to receive new experiences and knowledge while in Dortmund. Later on, I meet those of you who will be my new partners, new friends, and my new family.

In December I successfully completed my Bachelor’s final project. I finished my Deutsch Course in January. Then, in December I held a Graduation Ceremony. It’s sad that I can not celebrate it with my family, but all for the sake of being together. I want to share my optimistic story throughout this 1 year through this blog.