by Daniel from Zambia

Garden day or rather (Gartentag) as it is locally known is a day when a network of people come together to clean the garden and to at least plant something where possible. However, this social gathering in most cases it is attended by friends, neighbours, families‘ workmates, among others.

For lovers of gardening like me being in a garden is one of the fascinating things one can ever do, where you are in an environment surrounded by a plethora of nature that are so captivating to the eyes such that you cannot let go of the glance as you are appreciating the beauty in the plants God created.

It was on the 21st May, 2022 and the event started around 11:00 hrs, at the Volunteers House however, the event was so great and successful such that it has left a scar of loving memories in my heart. This day is one of those fantastic days that will live a tast of time in my life and whenever I will be talking about my volunteer ship experience this piece will not be missing as I had a wonderful time with friends, associates and of course with my new family fellow volunteers (Frida, Marco, and Georges – former volunteer). The time the event was being planned we thought that people will not respond in numbers but to our surprise the opposite happened. Moreover, we had this doubt that people will not respond positively because others were declining our invitation. But nevertheless, I wonder what changed their mind: the same people who were like they will not make it due to their busy schedules they managed to spare time for our event to be successful. As the host we really appreciate your support in this regard: your effort and presence are highly appreciated

Continually “Garden day” or rather “Gartentag“: As the event is all about bringing people together to exchange, celebrate plants, gardens, and green spaces. “You can put on a picnic lunch or barbeque, do afternoon tea, or even enjoy a glass or two with family and friends.” (“Today is Garden Day But What Exactly Is It? – Garden Day 2019”) You can get creative by making a flower crown, draw or paint your garden still life, or even do a plant swap with your friends and neighbours. All this was fulfilled in this day because of your presence, and those who never managed to come: we really understand and are looking forward to your great support in other areas and events that lay ahead of us.

Overall, or rather, to let the cat out the bag without beating around the bush the day was splendid and well spent; it will live for decades.