by carol from India,

Welcome back to the Cooking/ Baking session with Frauke, this was my third baking session with Frauke. I had 3 baking sessions with Frauke and I will be talking about all three sessions in this blog.

1.First baking session:

Frauke asked me that what should we cook next time? I suggested her that let’s cook something delicious and healthy. As we have our own vegetables (spinach) in our garden, Frauke suggested that we should use them and cook something which includes spinach.

So, we planned and made our first appointment, on the day, when we were supposed to cook, Frauke came along with all the ingredients that were required for the dish + her magic stick (her baking roller). I could not wait to learn, eat and cook with her, as cooking/ baking is so much fun with her.


We were together 4 people (Frauke, Jenny, her friend Tabea, and me.) We always eat outside in our garden with Frauke, so we arranged the table and were all set to cook and then eat. The menu for today was;


1) Flammkuchen (which was a pie with feta cheese, cream cheese and spinach)

2) Spinach and cheese pie

3) Erdbeertörtchen (which was the dessert made with strawberries and the crust was with biscuit)

As soon as our food was ready, we took it out and started eating, as it smelled so good and was extremely delicious. Even right now when I think about it, I get hungry. While eating our food, we started discussing about the “chen”. I was wondering what was everyone talking about? And out of curiosity I asked Frauke: what is “chen”? And later on, Jenny and Frauke explained me that how the small version of everything in German is called as “chen”.


For example:

  • Auto – means car, Autochen – means small car
  • Tasse – means cup, Tässchen – small cup
  • Hund – which means dog, Hündchen – small dog


So, this cooking session was not only delicious but was very interesting, as I learned something new from Frauke and Jenny.


  1. Second baking Cooking session:


On 18/5/20, Frauke and I, we both had our 2nd baking/cooking session. We cooked delicious fluffy Omelet along with Spargel (asparagus) vegetables. I always heard about asparagus but I tried eating it for the very first time in my life and it was delicious. We also prepared a dessert called as Überbackene Früchte (which was grilled fruit with fresh cheese/ cream cheese.)


After our food was prepared, we both sat in the garden of volunteer’s house, like always and we ate our delicious healthy meal. We also had a great time chatting with each other.


  1. Third baking session:


On 3nd June, we had our 3rd baking session. We both baked 2 Marmorkuchen (Marble Cake), one was for the volunteer’s house and the other was for one of Frauke’s sons as he had his birthday the day after. Before baking the cake, I also went on a small open car ride with Frauke and her husband, as there was some problem with the light, which me and Jenny thought was an electrical problem. So to help us in fixing this problem, Frauke’s husband offered us his help but later on we found out that the problem was in the bulb and hence, we all went together in Frauke’s husband’s car to buy a new bulb. And then later on, together we baked cake.


All my baking sessions with Frauke have been quite interesting and adventurous till date. If you remember on my second baking session with Frauke I was locked outside the house, which I still find funny, then having a cool ride and what not?


Apart from the adventurous part something really good happened with me as well. I got so inspired by Fraukes cooking and baking sessions and by her amazing talent that I decided baking something on my own. I successfully managed to bake a very delicious chocolate cake, which by the way, I didn’t expect to be this delicious and I also tried baking my own Blätterteig-pie, which I think was at least edible but was good. Apart from baking cakes and pies, I managed to cook few great recipes, of course with the help of YouTube, I will be sharing some pictures of my food I hope you like it as well. Unfortunately, you can’t taste it but for sure you can see and rate my food 10.