by Hannah from India

I am interested in the topic “ Educated Women not wanting to have Children” and I am therefore happy to write about it today. This bar chart gives us information about the educated women who have no children. Although this is a very interesting topic, I wonder why I never see statistics with educated men who do not want to have children.

The first thing that strikes me is the percentage of 43 % of West German women with university or college degrees. I can well understand why they do not want to have children. In my opinion, these women want to concentrate more on their work. Compared to this number of German women who have a main degree, women who don’t want a Child are relatively low at 16 percent. In my opinion, this shouldn’t be the decisive argument, but there should be a gender equal description of men and women.

In my home country the situation is similar, women are condemned and sometimes forced to have children, on the one hand they are required to earn for the family, on the other hand they have to take care of the children. I would not have expected that there was such a difference between East and West.

But from the graph we can see that it is obvious that the women from the West are better educated. Children are attached to their mothers and also to their fathers. I believe that the decision of the parents for a career should not affect the growth of the children.

I personally believe that a low birth rate does not have a negative impact on the country’s economy, especially in countries like India. Perhaps women are discriminated within families. Then I would like to say that stop condemning women for preferring their carrier over their children. Men are not discriminated, so why should women?