By Carol from India,

Me, Josephat, Racheal and Dika we all are very adventurous. But me and Josephat, we love walking and we can walk for hours.

One day I decided to walk from the city centre till volunteer’s house (13km, 2hr 30min) and then later on Josephat got inspired and he did the same.

One of the craziest walks, which I remember was the walk from Aachen (Germany) to Vaals (Netherlands), then from Vaals to Gemmenich (Belgium) and then back to Germany in one day.

It was our winter holidays, me and Josephat, we planned to visit Drielandenpunt. This is a place where 3 countries meet (Germany, Netherlands and Belgium).

We started our crazy journey on our feet, walking from Aachen (Germany) at 8am in the morning. It took 1hr 30 mins for us to reach Vaals (11am). And again, we walked from Vaals to Drielandenpunt, which was on a hill, it took about 25 mins for us to reach there. It was more like a hiking for us because Drielandenpunt is located on one of the highest points in the Netherlands. We rested for a while and then we explored the Drielandenpunt, later on, we decided to continue walking towards Belgium’s nearest village as it was just 13.00pm.

There was a time when I went to buy something and coming out of the shop I could not find Josephat at once and therefor rang him up on the phone. Then seeing him I found this funny but at the same time I also got goose bumps, it was a completely different type of feeling which could not be expressed in words because I called Josephat from Netherlands (NL) and he received his call in Belgium (B), while he was just standing beside me.

We again walked down from the hill (Drielandenpunt) to the nearest city of Belgium. And we knew that climbing back again will be a real task for us but never the less we both were very motivated and so we successful managed to walk for 2 more hours. We took a lot of breaks in between. We explored Belgium as well on our feet. It was 5pm and the sun was about to set so we decided to walk back to Aachen from Belgium.

Successfully both of us reached back to Aachen at 8pm safely with our legs.

It was crazy but it was worth it. We surely made a history for ourselves and now we can proudly tell people about our craziest adventure.

And when I go back to my home in India, I will cherish all the good memories and good time, that I had in Germany during this volunteering service. I believe that, we do not remember the days; but we remember the moments. And I want to remember everything that I have learned or will learn in Germany, during this volunteering period.