by Carol from India,

In my previous blog, I have mentioned that I will be talking more about the international music project (Digital Partnership Sunday with transcultural music project), in which I participate and sang a song along with many more international people.

Traditionally, a joint divine service is celebrated on Trinitatis Sunday, which is dedicated to partnership work of the Ecumenical unit of Dortmund church district. The Ecumenical unit of Church of Dortmund wanted to develop an international divine service together with all the partners from (Bolenge/DR Congo, Choma/Zambia, Usakos/Namibia, Salford/Great Britain, Novi Sad/Serbia, Minsk/Belarus and Colombo/Sri Lanka, Kenya and Tanzania) and with their international volunteers.

A wonderful international service was developed within the last couple of days together with all the international partners and volunteers, which is dedicated to partnership work of the Ecumenical unit of Dortmund church district.


All the international partners contributed towards this divine service in their respective ways. In addition to the music from the church circles of bolenge in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Usakos in Namibia, there are impressive images from the Methodist Church in Sri Lanka that show the diaconal commitment in the Corona period, a prayer from Kenya, intercessions from Dortmund and thoughts on partnership in the time of Corona from Salford in Great Britain.


One of the main parts in this service was the digital transcultural music project, in which more that 20 people from all over the world participated. Everyone was welcomed to participate in this music video.  We all were asked to sing, „Siyahamba / we are marching in the light of God“ first in our own languages, then in Zulu and then in English. The direction of this music video was done by the music educator Vera Hotten. Music tutorial was also provided by her and her on YouTube. We all were asked to submit the video individually through email or drop box before 25th may, as this service was going to be uploaded on 5th Jun.

I translated “Siyahamba” song in Hindi, which was really cool and exciting and then I sang this song in Hindi, Zulu and then in English. Some days later on our zoom conference call, Dirk asked me if in my spare time I would like to read the intersection prayer with him for the service. I was excited and I said yes why not? And then Dirk asked me if I can come to the music studio on my morning off school/work, which was in Castrop-Rauxel, for recording the intersection prayer.

Carolin and I, we both planned to go this studio together and hence, we both took our bikes with us as well. It was a very beautiful and adventurous trip, we also saw beautiful scenery around us while we were on our way, riding our bikes.

After recording the intersection prayer with Dirk in the studio, I saw a small video clip of this song SIYAHAMBA, which was a combined collage video of 4 people. They were singing this same song but in different scales and it sounded so beautiful. Carolin told me that all the videos from different people are going to be combined as well in a one collage, which will turn out to be one video. I was really excited to see myself in this collage video and was patiently waiting for 5th June.

On 5th June, Carolin forwarded me the link of the service and the music video. When I saw the music video, I was awestruck. I mean it was mind blowing and it just touched my heart. It was so beautiful and powerful, it sounded so amazing. It somehow showed that together we all are one. After watching the music video, I clicked on the link and watched the whole service. The service was very good as well, it showed the unity, diversity and connection of the Dortmund church circles with their partners worldwide, it also proved that it is possible to organise and develop a digital service together with people from all over the world.


„God did not give us the spirit of fear, but of strength and love and prudence“ (2 Timothy 1,7)

The Ecumenical unit of Dortmund says that, “this Biblical passage that connects the contributions – just as we feel connected in partnership”.

Currently I am so obsessed with this song SIYAHAMBA, I literally sing this song every day and I still cannot get over it. Please feel free to check out the service and music video on

And do let us know, how do you feel about this music video?