by Abdoulaye from Senegal

On 17 October we organized a creative night in the volunteershouse. We invited some friends and neighbors to join us. We started at 5 p.m. and after a short time everyone was already busy with a creative task.

First, like my roommate Carol from India, I made a red dream catcher. I almost didn’t make it because it was my first time to make a dream catcher. But that’s probably how it is with creativity. Then it becomes normal. Then I painted a tree. This tree is huge, the largest tree in Senegal, called „caïcedra“ in French, and is located in a popular little village.

In the end we were done: I made a bracelet with pearls and small wooden balls.

I particularly liked the last task because we only used small things and materials from nature, from which we made something meaningful and concrete. That means: with a little creativity you can make something useful out of the little things, instead of ignoring or throwing things away.

It was a wonderful and interesting evening in the volunteer house because I learned new talents from others.