Praise be to God! Hallo Leute

I am Nishadini (Nisha) Perera from Colombo, Sri Lanka. I am 26 years old and I live with my father, mother and younger brother. I studied at Methodist College. I have completed my BA degree in Christian Culture, Western Classical Culture and Mass Communication also I have done my Masters in Christian Culture. I have worked at a Korean NGO (KFHI – Korea Food for the Hungry International in Sri Lanka) for more than 5 years. I have a lot of friends and we hang out whenever we have time.

I am excited to join this volunteers’ group because I know that the experiences I am about to gain from this programme will forever make a huge impact in my life.
Although I have worked with people in my country, I would love to meet new people, to get to know other cultures of the world as well as to respect them and to build new friendships.

My ambition is to start a NGO of my own. I believe that with the support of the UEM, the experiences I am about to gain from this one-year programme, will guide me in making my ambition come true, so that I can help people in my country, who are in need in order to fulfil our responsibilities as Christians.

My sincere thanks to this opportunity and the people because of whom this charity mission has become possible.

I am eagerly waiting to meet Julia, Carolin, Helen, Isaac, Phaskal and all the volunteers who are attending this programme!

Stay safe and God bless you all!