Hello everyone

by Georges Kasereka from DR Congo

By the way, my name is KASEREKA KALUNGERO Georges, the new voluntary member of the VEM. I was chosen for the year 2020 to be a volunteer who should participate in the South-North component of the „weltwärts“ program.

Just after spending a month of German language training in Morogoro, we left for Kinshasa to apply for the visa.Unfortunately while we were waiting for the visa in Kinshasa, there was an appearance of a covid-19 pandemic which disabled all activities. And this had hurt our hearts, because all program had been upset.

During my voluntary service stay in Germany Dortmund, I will have to live in the volunteer house and work in a school (Kreuz-Grundschule) with children, so I should travel in April 2020 but following COVID-19, it did not It did not take place as the travel schedule underwent changes, but that did not deter us we had remained firm and calm while having the hope to leave and participate in the program planned for us one day. To finish I will say that God is omniscient, that is to say, he first put us to the test to see our way of acting, in the end he found that we were firm and now he has given us again the chance to travel to see the friends with whom we will work together.

May the glory return to him.