Hello, I am Masuzyo Daniel Ngala. Am turning 27 years old this year!  I am a teacher  by profession, Currently a student of Chodort pursuing  Computer Application.  My hobbies include Cooking, Cycling, Travelling among others of which some you will get to know when I Visit cause AM COMING SOON! Germany and Dortmund in particular will be My second home.

However, as a teacher I am trained to teach English and Social sciences i.e. Geography, Civics  and History. I joined this noble profession in 2016 and I graduated in 2019 and I have taught in various schools

both private and public schools. It is during this period of interacting with learners that accorded me the experience I have now as a registered teacher with the teaching commission of Zambia (TCZ). Further, the age of my learners ranges from the age of 14 to 15. That’s junior secondary.
As someone who loves and enjoys travelling for various purposes of which one is adventure and volunteering,  this has given me the  impetus to learn different meals and cultures that people have in different communities  and as a fan and lover of cooking I have  learnt a lot in this area out of the journeys I have made so far within and of course outside this country. Moreover, on the dishes that I have tasted on my local list Nshima with Fisashi and Chicken stew is my favorite and on foreign or rather international dishes spaghettibollenes  with mixed vegetables is my favorite and also on beverages I prefer hot tea.
Well talking of Germany this will be my first time visit and expect to learn German as a language and make friends, learn new cultures found in  Dortmund and of course expect to view the tourism sites of Dortmund.
My placement in Dortmund will be the Zentrale Beratungsstelle für wohnunglose Meschen -ZBS within Diakonisches Werk Dortmund, very much willing and eager to render my services there. Talking about my arrival I am scheduled to arrive in April .
See you soon everyone.