by Carol from India

Hello Everyone,

My Name is Carol Naidu and I come from a city called Nagpur in Central India. I live with my parents and my younger sister Zoe and an even younger brother Ethan. Currently I am pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Being in the final year did not bind me to attend the college. When this volunteering opportunity came along to me I was very ecstatic and immediately contacted my university for permission which I received.

Since I had never being outside India this opportunity I knew that this would definitely help to meet new people, experience different cultures and learn so much more and definitely help me grow as a person.

When my first letter arrived from Ms. Dorothy Sommers about being selected for the Volunteers program at Evangelischer Kerchenkreis, Dortmund under the Weltwarts Programme ……. My excitement knew no bounds !!

In May 2019 on my drive to Goa for the summer vacations, I had my Skype interview with Carolin. I was very jittery initially but when I spoke to her all my fears were gone. Caroline was very friendly and throughout the chat I felt that I was just speaking to a friend who had I know from before.

As I started receiving confirmation one after another, I knew that I had to go soon and began preparing. My mind was eager but the thought of leaving home was definitely out of my comfort zone. I would definitely miss my family especially my Grandma whom I affectionately call Oma coincidentally also same in German Language for Grandma which I didn’t know before.

I had been away from home out of city but never out of the country and that too for so long. Caroline helped me to get in touch with all the previous volunteers and also Marvin who was in Nagpur for some volunteer work. Marvin taught me few things about the German language for which I am truly grateful. Then I also got details of my accommodation which I loved very much.

Now though still a bit nervous, I am very eager and look forward to coming to Dortmund and contributing in every way I can, as a Volunteer.

I want to thank Vaibhav, Jona, Dorothy and Caroline and all persons involved for this wonderful opportunity and my family for all the support to help me to get to this stage.

Finally I board the flight tomorrow morning to Dubai and then to Dosseldorf . A Year of Life awaits me in Germany which I want to make the most of..

Thank you again for the opportunity and God bless all.. Lots of love.. Carol