by Abdoulaye from Senegal

My name is Abdoulaye Senghor and I am 23 years old. I come from Senegal, which is in West Africa. I have learned German language in my school for a very long time as I chose German as a foreign language. After graduating, I studied “German studies” in the University of Germany and graduated successfully from there after three years. In my third year, I applied for volunteering service as a federal volunteer at Diakonie, which is in Düsseldorf and then three months later I received a commitment with an agreement from the Wilhelm Florin Haus in Gütersloh. I remember saying goodbye to my family, especially to my mother. I can’t express how sad she was when I was leaving my home but I was still committed to my plans as I am right now and hence, I was not stressed.I am absolutely very glad and happy that I came to Germany as it was always my dream. What motivated me the most was the cultural exchange, social learning and the German language in order to improve my German skills which promotes towards growth in my education in Germany. Now I sought of have a three-year training as a nursing specialist in diaconal care in Dortmund, which I will started on 1st October. On 15th of September I will be shifting to Volunteers house Dortmund, in order to prepare for my future training and to get to use to the city a bit.

I would like to thank everyone who supported me in getting a place in the Volunteers house – especially Mrs. Herold, Carolin and my two new roommates Jenny and Carol.