by Georges from DR Congo


The modification of the atmospheric compounds of the Earth are the consequences of human activities and very often it is the natural variations that oppose them. Global warming and the emission of gas make headlines all over the world, and everyone has been complaining since the industrial revolution.

What can we say for example in areas where the effect of climate change in a region like the province of North Kivu, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where it is not only the industrial revolution that is causing this serious situation, but rather conflicts, wars and the spoliation of armed groups in a protected area like the Virunga National Park, known with a World Heritage estimate and yet until these days attracts tourists.

Participation in this march for climate protection was a great inspiration for me, because I just wanted to advocate for this case a lot of times but I had no access. Fortunately, this September 29, 2021, was our good day to demonstrate what we are against this climate threat. Reason for which, during the march I was dressed in knitting bearing the colors of the flag of the Democratic Republic of Congo. So this simply meant that I do not only demonstrate for Europe because of its Industries and others, but also for Africa and more particularly in my country where the regions which keep spaces for a humanitarian cause are very threatened, by repeated wars causing a sudden change in Climate, using explosives and heavy weapons.

So, I just wanted to get everyone’s attention, because I know that the images of this march will be seen all over the world and it will go from generation to generation and future young people will say these are the images of the people who fought for the climate protection, because it is often said that there is and never will be a planet B.

With that, let’s be artisans of good climate protection for the benefit of our future generations, because no one is eternal. We who threaten this climate today, tomorrow we will pass, and if we have not protected this climate well, know that our future generations will pass very quickly because their life expectancy will already be reduced following an unhealthy climate.