by Carol from India

This is a story of different people coming from different parts of the world (India, Indonesia, Tanzania and Hongkong), living under one roof, in a place called, ‘’HOME’’ at volunteer’s house in Dortmund.

When I first met, Hannah ( from India), Rachel ( from Hong Kong), Dika ( from Indonesia), Josephat (from Tanzania), and few more friends, Stan (friend of Josephat from Tanzania) and Andrew (friend of Dika from Indonesia, also a volunteer in Germany ), they all were strangers to me and everything in the beginning was very awkward for me. But when I started hanging out with them in the house, as well as outside the house and when I got along with them, I started realizing that I am so blessed to have them all in my life. They all are really very amazing and are very precious to me. I feel ‘’HOME’’ with them.
We all live together under one roof, we cook, we eat, we clean, we work, we paint, we draw, we travel, we play together, we help each other and we share our thoughts like one big happy family. Also, we learn new and different things from each other. Putting aside all our differences we all have bonded into a long, lasting relation of friendship for life long. We all could have never met each other in our life, it was the volunteers house that brought us all under one roof.

It was God who brought us all together, so that we could learn and grow with each other, working together with different thoughts and ideas for one true purpose.

While we were living these moments, we didn’t realize that we all were making memories that we will cherish for the rest of our life. We also didn’t realize that a lot of bonding was going on out there between all of them. And now we are like a bunch of sticks that cannot be broken. We are unbreakable, united we stand together.