by Carol from India

Getting out of my comfort zone, where I was spoon fed by Oma and by everyone in my family, in India till coming into a completely different country where I personally didn’t know anyone and where we have to do everything on our own was and is still difficult. But this is how we learn right? Back in India, I never had to worry about anything (cooking, cleaning, etc) but here in Dortmund I have to take care of myself. I never was on my own before and I never valued things which I got in hand but now I have started realizing the value of everything which I got in home.

Honestly, when I came here, I was a completely different person and I was scared about everything, but now I actually thank God for opening this door for me. Even though its only 10 days since I came here but this volunteering service is truly a life changing experience. I can literally see myself becoming a better version of myself. In just 10 days I have become so responsible which I could have never been in India. May be because I never had to worry about anything.

Coming here was not planned. This opportunity appeared suddenly for me. I was not sure whether this was what God wanted me to do but my mother always told me that, ‘’Carol God wants you to go there’’. She always told me that, ‘’God has greater plans for you. This is God who has opened this door for you’’. So, I took a chance and applied for it. Taking a break from my studies didn’t make sense to me, also leaving my two most precious people in the world (Oma and my younger brother Ethan) and my entire family was tough. When I got selected, I knew that I had to take a decision soon. So, I prayed about it and made my mind. I trusted God and I believed that there might be a reason for this.

Because all things work for good those who believe in God. (Romans 8:28)

I am still trying to find my purpose and now when I am here in Dortmund, I believe that I will surely find my purpose soon with time.

Life is filled with lots of surprises you never know what’s next. But our God is greater than everything. So, believe you can, because you believe that he can and what ever happens never stop trusting God because that is what I have learned.

I am glad that I participated in this volunteering service. It is truly a life changing experience and I hope that someday I may be able to make difference in someone’s life.

So that was my story. I hope you liked it. God bless you all.