Worship text by Hannah from India.

This is an incense stick, which is used in Holy places and prayer rooms in India. It is believed to calm the mind, refresh it and give us a sense of peace.

Hello, I am Hannah Pandian from India, I am 23 years old. I am a Christian and have been a Christian all my life. My Family and I would go to the church every Sunday. We believed in God through hardships and happiness. Christians are minorities in India and sometimes it is difficult to be a Christian in a land where 80 % of the majority are Hindus.

Now I am a volunteer in Dortmund, since the last June 2018. I work in Referat Ökumene and the most interesting part is where I live. I live at the volunteers House at Wickede. Together with 5 volunteers from 5 different countries. We live together, we laugh together, we cook together and clean together. We are like a small family, though we come from different parts of the world we live together in harmony. The differences don’t divide us, the differences unite us. Maybe it was all God’s plan that we come together from different lands to experience cultures and unity. We have learnt that a person’s colour, culture, language, the colour of the eye, the texture of the hair, sex and sexuality are just earthly divisions. None of which will be carried afterlife. We have also learnt that humanity is world’s greatest asset and we together discover spirituality through