by Hannah from India

Seven more days and then I am off! Bye bye Europe, bye bye Deutschland, bye bye Dortmund. As happy and as excited I am to go back home, there are a million things that I would miss.

From the morning silent S bahn rides to the noisy kitchen late nights with everyone. I would miss seeing Dortmund U every time I come back from another city. The black and yellow typical game chants and crowds on game nights at the metro, the ever so amazing street music while shopping, Döner tasches – extra spicy of course!
The loud church bells of bliss, wickede’s calmness, how the playshool kids in Ev. Bildungswerk Wickede come running to me with open arms, when they see me walk by. The super warm ‘why doesn’t Germany have Air conditioner?’ summers, the freezing cold ‘n Dress up like an onion’ winters, the pink in the spring, the yellow in the autumns.

Dirks random singing in the office, Carolin yelling ‘ At first coffee’ first thing in the morning, Dika’s yummy yummy food, 2 AM junk food therapies and never ending conversations with Rachel, the 24 /7 dancing Gentille, the never ending ‘ be a Feminist’ talks with Jo, Andrew shouting ‘ Hello Leute’ every time he visits home even if it’s 6 AM in the morning. The movie marathons, summer nights where all of us would sleep in the garden and gaze at the stars and a million more memories.

I will treasure these memories and hold on to them as long as I can and hold a piece of Dortmund forever in my heart.