Adelia Putri from Indonesia should actually start her voluntary service in Dortmund, in the Lydia community, in April 2020. Then Corona came and everything was delayed. The planned entry in March 2021 did not work either, the visa process took longer … what the last few weeks for Adelia looked like, and how German proverbs help her, she describes here:

By Adelia from Indonesia,

Hello everyone! I’m Adelia Putri, a South-North Volunteer who hasn’t yet arrived in Dortmund. I would like to tell you about all problems and how I find strength waiting for my time to come to Dortmund. I remembered that when I was supposed to go to Germany on 6th of July, I was having some difficulties with the tight Indonesian regulations that required me to acquire a vaccine (which I assured I would receive in Germany) and a PCR test for internal travel. After receiving my first vaccination, I took a PCR test. God said I wouldn’t be able to travel at that time, and the hospital verified, „I am Positive C-19.“

Lisa from United Evangelical Mission had to rebook my flight and my travel was postponed to the 27th and 28th of July, so I needed to get well as soon as possible. I re-prepared all of my documents and attempted to obtain a PCR test appointment, but the airport had listed only some hospitals that had an approved PCR test document. For three days, all terminals at such hospitals were unavailable (all individuals had booked these appointments). My flight had to be postponed once again.

Lisa from UEM assured me she had booked my ticket around 5 days later, but when I got my PCR-test results, it was still „Positive“. I was not feeling sick, but I was still “positive” because a residual of C-19 was still in my body. The PCR test is so sensitive, and the virus so strong. I have survived through all these challenges.

Now I’m taking a two-week break. On the 19th of August, I will fly to Dortmund. Because I have all of you, all of your prayers, and all of your support, I can face any challenge. Thank you so much for your unconditional support. This pandemic is a challenge for me, my plan to fly to Jakarta, my plan to fly to Germany… everything was stopped and postponed.. I remember two very fampus german proverbs: „Aller Anfang ist schwer.“ und „Ende gut, alles gut”, my Deutsch teacher said these words when the others volunteers and I felt tired to learnt Deutsch. These statements are now extremely helpful and means a lot for me now. I thought my first step on my journey to Germany would be challenging, but once I’m there and starting my volunteer work, I’ll be glad and all will be fine. Thank you for always cross your finger to me.

With Love. Adelia