by Jenny from Germany

My name is Jenny, I am 26 years old and have recently been living in the volunteer house! Actually, my plan was very different. But a lot has changed with Corona …

At the end of August 2019, I traveled as a UEM volunteer to an interreligious women’s project „Upendo means love“ in Zanzibar, Tanzania. I wanted to live, work and live here for a year. On my blog I tell a little bit more about my time if someone is interested ( However, due to the spread of the Corona virus, I was unfortunately not able to end my voluntary service. It was a big turning point for me because I was looking into the second half of the seminar and was really looking forward to it.

I had plans and goals. And then 6 months became 6 days. Within a short time, I had to pack my things, take care of my final projects and say goodbye to the people I loved. It really messed up my life.
My return trip to Germany was also very different from what I had dreamed of in advance.

In my imagination I come back after a year, see many dear people again, travel through Germany, go to restaurants, cinemas, bouldering halls, wear my summer clothes on. A nice dream.

In reality I am not allowed to meet anyone other than the people in my apartment for the first two weeks. I am not allowed to go shopping. Cinemas, bouldering halls, restaurants are closed. It’s too cold for my summer clothes. And I didn’t have time to look for an apartment / room and a job.
Having stayed with my family in the living room for the past few weeks, I am all the more happy that I was able to find a home in the volunteer house and set up my own room! I really enjoy being here, being able to use the many opportunities, and I am really looking forward to the community. Slowly my life is picking up speed again – the sun is coming out more and more, I rediscover Dortmund again and start working again in mid-June. Who knows what will happen here in the volunteer house.

Maybe we will soon have the opportunity to get to know each other personally – I would be happy!
Best regards,