by Hannah from India.

One of the many questions that we volunteers get asked frequently is ‘How did you learn German so fast?’, so we have decided to put down all our tips and tricks of how we learnt German. So, if you are looking forward to learn a new language this blog is especially for you.

1. Mobile Applications

Make use of your hand phones. Well, we use them all the time, why not learn something new? There are numerous applications in the play store which helps you start a language from the basics. With interactive memory games, videos and audio clips you can ace it in no time.

2. The 21 st century NETFLIX

To master a language, one must read, write, speak and hear. In Netflix or other platforms there are enormous movies and series available in the language that one would want to learn, to watch a favorite series / movie in language preferred audio or subtitles is also an option to learn a language.

3. The Classic novels

Books are a very good and most suggested way to learn a language properly, to take it up notch try comics and Magazines. Combine your interests and the language to get most out of it.

4. Label It!

As silly as it sounds, it is also proven one of the most helpful ways. Labeling things at home.“Der Tisch”, “Die Möbel” or “Die Blumen” keep labeling, the more you visually associate the item with its name on it, your mind will hold on to the memory of it.

5. Grammar! Grammar! Grammar!

Let’s face it Grammar is annoying and yet the most important part of a language, although it might seem very difficult at first, it gets better with time and effort. ‘Practice is the Key’ here.

6. Take a lesson.

A lesson from a qualified professional is the best way possible to learn a language alternatively there are numerous YouTube language teachers where you can learn for free or at the cost of watching 2 advertisements Ha ha ! But at the end of the day if you still benefit from it then why not give it a try?

7. Be fearless.

Appreciate yourself, the last and the most important point would be to appreciate yourself. To learn another language is not an easy task. Take one step at a time. Be fearless, make mistakes and don’t be ashamed of it. You don’t have to be perfect, just embrace it.