by Georges from the DR Congo

These days, the Olympic Games are being held in Tokyo, Japan. Marie Branser, born in Germany, is now playing for the Congolese national team. It becomes a source of inspiration for us Congolese … Especially at home in North Kivu / Kivu / Rutshuru the people of the Great Lakes celebrate Marie. For the people in this area, race and origin are more important than nationality – but Marie shows us that, despite race and origin from Germany, she can wear the colors of our flag.

The Congolese law says that only one person with a Congolese father and a Congolese mother can become president … Marie defends the DR Congo, even though she comes from Germany.

For me this woman is a champion, even Germany would be proud of her if she had chosen Germany … Whatever her secrets in choosing Congolese nationality, the good thing is that a lot of people will start to understand that nationality is not just a name or a title that we bear to kill and despise one another, but a responsibility that in any case requires us to be positive for the chosen nation, regardless of our origin, our race or our social rank …
I am proud of you, Marie Branser.