by Adelia from Indonesia

Now it passed almost 2 months since I left Deutschland, I still remember all the sweet memories, all the kind people, I am so grateful for it. I let all memories mark in my heart and I hope I could go back again to Deutschland.

Today I work as a vicar in a small village where there are so many types of Christians.  I start everything from 0 (start) because they only have a sunday service and no programs.  Small with no signal I work like a missionary because some people want to join in as a Christian when I start all programs and ministries and I also teach English to the children of one of my programs to bring me closer to other Christians.

When I remember, the first time I applied my motivation letter for the volunteers service to Embassy, I wrote „I want to learn about Culture, Work Ethos, and Language“. Now I realized, I received more than all of that.  I meet new people from different cultures that teach me adapting intercultural, how to deal with them, and live together in a house that we called „International Volunteer House“. Espérance, Georges, and Louis are wonderful people and unique. They have their own capabilities, they are amazing people and I am glad to know them.

3 people that always took care of me and the other volunteers, there are Carolin, Dirk, and Frauke. I will miss how expressive, cheerful, loveable Carolin is, how kind like a mother Frauke is, and how kind and cheerful person Dirk is. I hope we can meet again and work together again.

For my replacement Evangelische Lydia-Gemeinde. Thank you for the patience and the kindness always there for me since I had to postpone my flight to Germany because C-19 until I can finish my volunteering service for 7 months. This church taught me a lot about church and people, about culture and language, manage and develop. I grew with this Church. For my partner Pastor Birgit Worms-Nigman, Verena Tigges, Justin, Barbara, Confi-Teamer, Ekkehard Brach, Tobias, and all people in this church, I just want to say thank you so much to receive me.

Volunteer experience taught me a lot about people, relationship, development, inter-culture, ecumenical. I can explore what I like and what I want when I know clearly about my own vision for my future. This program made me grow up, helped to develop myself and my future, what I want to be in the future and taught me how to catch it.

Thank you for amazing experience and wonderful chance that you gave to me. I hope, I come back again with a better version of me and we meet in different program anytime and anywhere.