by Espérance from DR Congo

My name is Espérance Mirindi, I was born in Goma (this is a City in the Democratic Republic of Congo) where I grew up with my family and spent the early years of my life. After high school, I moved to Bukavu (South Kivu) for college / university.

I recently got the opportunity of taking part in a musical project called the digital transcultural Choir which organized by the Evangelischer Kirchenkreis Dortmund; this was a joyful experience for me because I always loved singing, when I wake up, when I am going about all my daily activities, I am always singing.

Singing is probably the biggest part of my life, it shows my personality and makes me happy anytime. I can always count on singing to reboot my mood when I fell down or going through tough times. I will never thank God enough for this beautiful gift he gave to me. I began to sing when I was very young, probably six when I was in a Sunday school choir in my church and since that time I never stopped.
The beautiful part of all this is that I share the passion with my brothers and sisters.
Because of my studies at the university, I moved to Bukavu in 2013 and there I begun to sing in the church choir and I was just enjoying every single moment I was singing with friends.
And every time when I was free and had holidays I went back to my parent’s home in Goma and spent time with my brother and sister singing non-stop, always loved these moments.

As I said in my last article, I should have travelled in April 2020 to Dortmund, work with homeless people but it didn’t happen because of the corona virus pandemic and I’m stuck in Kinshasa where I am still waiting for my visa when things get slightly normal because even flights within DRCongo are stopped in this period.Due to this situation; I can’t sing anymore with my church choir in Bukavu or even with my brother and sister in Goma and it’s quite difficult time for me.

I spend my days home, there is no church open in the whole country and I can’t go everywhere I want for fear to be infected and it’s really boring, I can’t enjoy my stay here in Kinshasa as I was thinking like visiting historical sites and have a good time with friends from here. It’s just not easy to face all that and be far from family, not easy not to do what I really like to do with people I love.

But I’m really grateful to the opportunity that was given to me to do what I want to do above all, singing again with people from everywhere, three continents; what a privilege I had. It was just amazing to participate in an online music video for the online partnership Service with Partners from Dortmund and abroad with the song “We are marching in the light of God” in different languages.

That was a very good experience and really funny; we were around 20 people to participate in the Project.

After we already had some experience in the digital choir, I got another invitation from MÖWe (Amt für Mission, Ökumene und kirchliche Weltverantwortung) in Dortmund together with the UEM, a worldwide church community, that we could share that good experience with more people. And so I took part in the next project with the song “We shall overcome”. This time, we were more than 100 people; the song was about the previous circumstances we are facing all over the world: racism.
I was excited about that project and I was too happy to participate again in a virtual choir, because I could sing again not only with my family and friends but also with other people from other continents no matter the age, the gender or the race, and it was just amazing.

I was very happy and forgot all the stress I had; and I would like to sing again and again with that virtual choir if there will be more opportunities. I can’t wait for that and I am too excited.