My name is Isaac Muhayimana, I’m from Rwanda, I’m 26 years old and I did my volunteer year here in Germany, in my beautiful city of Dortmund. I worked at the youth center in Lütgendortmund (at the Evangelische Christus Gemeinde) and it is my pleasure to tell you again about this incredible journey.

I arrived at Düsseldorf airport on April 02, 2023, it was a long journey from Rwanda to Germany, our flight took 19 hours. I was very tired, and I didn’t expect that after I was cleared through passport control at Düsseldorf airport and came outside, there were many people there to greet me, for example Carolin, Jens, Julia, Lana and others. I was touched by how many people were at the airport because of me, which gave me the task of trying to do particularly well at my workplace.

After a few days there was the welcome party and I remembered everything like it was yesterday. Many people were there to welcome us. After a few days I started my work in Lütgendortmund, it’s not really far from where I live (Volunteer House). I had a really good time with the young people there and my colleagues and the church community in general.

We created memories together with the young people, for example last summer we were in Montpelier, a town in the south of France, and it was nice to be there.

In the place where I worked, the people in the church community were very friendly and we had a good time together, for example: there is a group of older women there who meet every Thursday, they invited me once to meet and talk with them. I’ll never forget the time I was able to spend in my beautiful church community. I once had a conversation with Laurens and told him: „Lütgendortmund is my home.“

I’ll still be there often, for example at the fair this summer – I’ve already spoken to them about being there to help set up, take down and organize. At the end of my volunteer year, I was blessed by God through our pastors David and Jens – it was a really good time, the church was full of people who touched my heart. I am grateful to the Protestant community in Lütgendortmund and the ecumenical department in the church district – and for everything you have done for me: Carolin, Frauke, Dirk, Laurenz, Lana, David, Jens I am very grateful for what you have done – I have prayed for you. God give you a good life and joy and also I thank the United Evangelical Mission and the Shyogwe Diocese for this opportunity God bless you all.