by Phaskal Barus from Indonesia

April 2023 was a month I will always remember. The journey began when I was about to travel to Germany to start my work as a South-North volunteer in one of the big German cities, Dortmund.
In the beginning, everything felt unfamiliar, difficult, maybe even anxious, and I didn’t know what I would be doing as a volunteer in Germany. But over time, all the things I was afraid of turned into beautiful and fun things. The way you guys treated me is more than enough to say that it was a great memory and a great lesson that could be said to have changed my social attitude.


In Dortmund I worked in two places, at the ecumenical department of the Dortmund church district and at the ESG (Evangelische Studierenden Gemeinde). I was many things as a volunteer: accounting assistant, gardener and friend.

The days of my year in Germany passed so quickly that in March 2024 it was time to say goodbye to my friends. I really hope that we will all meet again one day. God bless us all.

Best regards,
Phaskal Enda Haganta Barus