by Adelia from Indonesia

24. September 2021: Volunteer House joined Climate prayer #FridayforFuture from St. Joseph, Munsterstrasse, Dortmund. We were with some youths from Lydia-Gemeinde and Evangelische Jugend Dortmund. As youths that are aware of sustainability, we give our action these days. We gave environmental advocates as good stewards of God’s creation, we were joining this action and make everybody aware of our lifestyles that should and always protect the planet.

These days, not only from youths that make #FridayforFuture success, so many old people as parents are aware of their future and for their kids, and church aware about they must there for future. They were hope, their kids and their grandson and granddaughter can live in a beautiful world without worries about pollution in the air, the air hotter than usual, saving thousands of dollars and preventing tons of CO2 emissions from entering into the atmosphere, etc.

Churches, parents, youths, children must aware of their participation in Climate action so important. Practice not just about action and speak advocate in #FridayforFuture. The question is „How Church and we were Christian reducing the causes of climate change? With Faith?“.

Church to be Eco-Churches? No plastic, paper, use renewable energy, etc. Bringing churches back to the center as power generators. Raising awareness of Christian responsibility to care for all kinds of creation. Church (all people: parents, youths, and children) should work as a huge organization group, and individuals to make environmental action give a huge impact. There is still a long way, and so much to do, but not impossible.

Let us be a „Mother“ for our world. Take care of it, be careful of it, love it, give it love as much as we can. The world already attends as a „Mother“ for humans, that makes human still life in its. And let us change the question that I give before to be important words „Reducing the causes of Climate Strike is essential to the life of Faith“ (ArchBishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby).