by Carol from India,

On 9th of February, for the first time in my life I got a chance to preach for 3 minutes in Petrikirche along with other volunteers. It was a very special moment for me. Our topic was “Schaut hin”, which means “to see”. We all wanted to be very creative, so we used props during our sermon, in order to be more expressive, we tried to link our props and our sermon with the verse (mark 6:38).

I was very excited as well as I was very nervous. I never imagined myself preaching even for 3 minutes in front of the whole church, that too in Germany, this volunteering period gave me this opportunity as well. Germany has not only taught me many things but has also helped me in growing my faith in Jesus.

I spoke about two pencils:

  • PENCIL 1: Ugly and broken Pencil, with a sharpner.
  • PENCIL 2: Broken but beautiful pencil, without a sharpner.

I tried writing with both of the pencils but it didn’t work as they were broken.

But, (pencil 1) has a sharpner, so I sharpened my pencil and I tried writing with it again and guess what it worked. While (Pencil 2) remained broken.

Some times our life is just like this (pencil 1), broken!

Not just physically broken but broken in different ways, such as, emotionally broken, mentally broken, financially broken, maybe we are depressed or sad, maybe we doubt our self and our abilities, etc.

Just like the pencil 1 forgets that it has a sharpner, so do we forget that we also have a sharpner and that is Jesus. No matter how many times the (pencil 1) gets broken, it will always need a sharpner, again and again, and again, till the time it gets pointed and starts writing again. And so, do we need Jesus.

Looking to Jesus is always the answer to all our problems. Just like in Mark 6:38, the disciples didn’t have a solution to the problem of feeding the crowd. So, they took the problem to Jesus.


Do you have anything similar to this that reminds you of “Schaut hin”? If yes, then would you like to share with us your link to the verse Mark 6:38?