by Marc from Argentinia

A few days ago was my 2 month anniversary here in Germany. My blog today is going to tell you a bit about my days and what I do at ESG, the Evangelische Studierendengemeinde in Dortmund.
Little by little I feel that the Volunteer house is becoming my home, my comfort zone. Those of you who follow me on my social networks will see that every weekend I go to a different city in Germany, I really enjoy traveling by train, I also like to share those moments with the other volunteers of my organization, because I can speak Spanish (haha) and it’s really nice to share trips with good people.

Now I will talk a bit about my job. I am working as a volunteers in a place called ESG or Evangelische Studierendengemeinde. Here I do a lot of tasks, like social media, helping to cook or accompanying the different activities that the ESG organizes. Here I spend a lot of time with Matthias and Petra, who always make me having a good time. In addition I have 3 companions called Lina, Lukas and Niklas who always help me with my German. I’m still looking for a meaning to what I’m doing in my voluntary year, but I really like what I’m doing, I’m really enjoying it.