by Dika from Indonesia

This blog will tell the excitement in cleaning and caring for plants in the Volunteerhaus with friends. Work done together makes work lighter and more enjoyable! And the photo above is our team from the Garden Day at 13 April 2019. Before starting Gartentag (the German term for Garden Day, as we usually say, even when we talk English), we start with eating together to fill energy and warm ourself before starting work. It was still snowing in April and the air was quite cold, but fortunately at 11am, the sun began to come out and the air did not get too cold. Then we began to divide the tasks: some cut grass with machines, some cut trees, swept the yard, planted flower, etc. When cleaning the yard so that it can be planted with flowers, we found that there were two hedgehogs nesting between the piles of dried leaves.

It seems that the two hedgehogs are still in hibernation, we named the two hedgehogs „Dika“ and „Rachel“ (just like me and another Volunteer from Hongkong). But Dika woke up from his long sleep and soon he left, while Rachel was still sleeping in her nest.

Then we also found a pond that had been overgrown for a long time, some of us agreed and some did not agree to dig the pool again. After a little bit disscusion we had a democratic voting. Then in the end we decided to dig the pool again. It took a lot of effort to dig up the pond, because there was enough land and plants to be removed. Especially when there is water coming out of the pond and making our clothes or shoes dirty. But by working together, we finally managed to dig the pond.

And finally around 2pm our work was finished, the Volunteerhaus yard was clean and the flowers could grow back. It was a great day, because many friends who came and not only worked on cleaning the yard, but we also talked to each other, ate together, joked and laughed. What a memorable experience of first gardening in Germany!

If you are now as excited as we are: why don`t you join us next time? In autumn, we will definitely have another Gartentag and we invite all our friends and all readers of this blog to join us.