by Carol from India,

“Fair friends” well when I heard about this word and this event I was automatically very excited to attend this event as it sounds so cool.

Dirk, Carolin and Frauke told me that on 16th September we will be going to „fair friends“ together with Jenny, Abdolaye, Tom and his wife. I had no idea about this event but I was very sure that I was going to have a lot of fun here. So, on 16th September Jenny, Abdolaye and me, we were suppose to meet everyone outside the „fair friends“ at 10am sharp in Westfallenhallen.

Abdolaye is not yet living in volunteers house but soon he will be living here too and hence he stayed for 2 days at volunteers house. So Jenny me and Abdolaye, we travelled together at „fair friends“.

“Fair friends” is the Germany’s largest sustainable fair, which took place on 16th September and it was until 20th September in Messe Dortmund. It was a very creative fair where people up cycled and created so many different things and were selling their creative products for a less price. I personally found everyone really talented and creative. I was amazed and was very inspired, for a moment I asked myself what would I create if I was asked to have a stall at „fair friends“? I was really impressed by the people out there and was wondering if everyone recycled and turned their boring things into cool things, how would our world look like then???

So, I bought a button from this fair. They created this botton from the map. I was asked to select a city and then they made a button for me from the city which I selected on the map. I was really awe stuck and I found this really cool. I am a very creative person and I re get really very happy when I see creativity around me. I saw so many up-cycled handbags, paintings, drawings, etc. which made me wonder why can’t I have my own „fair friends“ when I go back to India? I mean why not and I really like the idea and the intension behind it too.

I am really grateful to Dirk, Carolin and Frauke because of them I got the opportunity to visit this „fair friends“ and was able to learn so many things from there and I was also able to spend good time with Tom and his wife, Jenny, Abdolaye and the team referat ökumene.